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Real Estate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a specialized software solution designed to cater to the unique needs of the real estate industry. It integrates various business functions and processes within a real estate organization into a single system, providing a centralized platform for managing and automating activities related to property development, sales, leasing, construction, finance, and customer relationship management.


What is Real Estate ERP ?

Makson Innovations Real Estate ERP

Makson Real Estate ERP is a software tool made for real estate agencies. It helps them manage everything they need to do, like keeping track of Commercial / Residential properties, dealing with customers, handling broker’s and making company report within minute.

About Makson Real Estate ERP

Makson Real Estate ERP software is like a professional assistant for real estate companies. It helps them manage different tasks such as property tracking, client management, financial oversight, project supervision, and document organization.

Our Real estate ERP software provides a customizable guide to your real estate problems so that your business grows with ultimate ease.

real estate erp software

Why Choose Makson Real Estate ERP Software ?

Our Makson Real Estate ERP software has become extremely important for businesses to stay relevant, competitive, and profitable. Businesses everywhere are using more and more technology to run their operations smoothly. Real Estate ERP Software is a big part of this trend.

Because of digitalization and globalization, businesses have to be fast, efficient, and profitable. Specialized Real Estate ERP software helps companies meet these needs and stay competitive.

Real Estate ERP Software helps agencies improve administration, work more efficiently, and communicate better with clients and property owners.

Makson Real Estate ERP Software

  • Property Management Data Base (Direct/Indirect Property)
  • All Types of Residential and Commercial Property Solutions
  • Allocate Working Area Of Broker
  • Assign Property to Broker
  • Assign Client to Broker
  • Daily Weekly, Monthly, Broker Performance Report
  • Commission Calculated, (Direct/indirect Broker)
  • Client Registren Form
  • Client Requirement Features
  • Follow up Reports
  • Client Visit Status Reports
  • Client walks in Source
  • Right Base User Authentication
  • Cloud Base Software
  • Mobile Operative
  • Property Offer Reports
  • Interaction Client with Email, SMS and WhatsApp
  • Notification Alert on Payments and Agreements
  • Add Property on Menu Intrest Base
  • Property Valuation From Database

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