Why You should Choose An Seo Agency for Ecommerce Seo Services ?

why you should choose an seo agency for ecommerce store

Why choose an SEO Agency For Ecommerce Seo Services ?


In 2023, Running an Ecommerce store without any help of digital marketing or ecommerce seo services will never make your store get any lead’s or sales that’s right.

Without an proper team of seo or a professional seo agency you will never be able to get order’s and traffic organically. thus maintaining the website performance come’s in technical seo.

If you are having problems with your website speed and having duplicate meta tags such as meta title , meta description, your products aren’t optimized you can’t get on to the google algorithm without hiring an professional seo agency or professional team of seo.

Lets see what are the main points of why you should choose an seo agency for your ecommerce seo.


Core Web Vitals / Website Speed :


Maintaining the core web vital and website speed are both crucial some times you think that core web vital and website speed are the same but they are not.

Core web vital are truly based on the user experience gain by your website this includes Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift.

they are most important for your website as you will have to improve your user experience that will enhance your website speed and make the user stay some more time on your ecommerce store and this lead’s them to purchase your product’s.

Website speed is as crucial and important for your website as having an slow website really turn’s down the Core web vital resulting in low results which is not good. keep in mind if you are running your through WordPress CMS i’ll recommend you trying this plugin :

  • Airlift
  • Litespeed cache
  • wp-rocket :
  • wp-optimize

You can both improve your core web vitals and website speed by hiring an professional seo agency

Also keep in mind that sometimes these plugin’s when are altered may caused your website to be broken keep that in mind and see the changes one time to ease yourself when minifying the javascript, HTML, CSS.


Product’s Images And Alt Tag Optimization :


Adding beautiful images of your product may enhance your website and also the customer will be surprise to see the unique product picture that you are showing and as always try adding alt tag’s in your product pictures to let the crawler know what this picture mean’s.

Technically crawler can’t view pictures or see them so that’s why they have applied alt tags optimization to let the crawler know about your picture.

Doing Keyword Research and Optimizing your Meta Tags


Doing keyword research in 2023 is no joke, you will have to find the best keyword for your product to rank on and generally you have to optimize your meta tags which include’s meta description, meta title, headings and tags.

For example lets see you have a product of better than sex mascara, you will have to research about that keyword

lets suppose you find a keyword that say’s better than sex mascara in dubai, better than sex mascara sale, sale on better than sex mascara.

you will now have to add your meta tags according to the keywords don’t just put anything into meta tags.

meta tags have usually some limits of characters which are written below :

Title : Should not exceed above 55 characters.

Description : Should not Exceed above 160 Characters.

If you exceed above those character’s and don’t optimize your meta tags i believe to say that you might be getting banged by google and i will say seek consultation from us or hire an best seo¬†agency.

Schema markup Robots.txt and Sitemap Optimization


Running an website without an schema markup, robots.txt and sitemap is very dangerous as crawlers can crawl your entire website, which is not good.

lets head to sitemap and robots.txt optimzation first



You should know the optimization of robots.txt and sitemap without having an sitemap attached with your website the crawler will crawl useless pages such as tags.

If you are running an website on wordpress you will know that creating tags for your page or post create’s an new page for tags. So we will need to exclude that also we should list important pages such as page’s, blog post in your sitemap.

Sitemap is like a door to the house for a human and this is exactly how it run’s for a crawler.



having an optimized robots.txt lets you in ease as you will know what are the pages that the crawler are crawling as in some cases we need to manually put our sitemap into the robots.txt file and save the changes this will let the crawler know that this are the important pages to crawl.

You can also exclude some pages or directories or folders of your website that you don’t want the crawler to crawl.

Schema markup :


having an schema markup lets you put your website on top of serp by doing this you can get lot’s of impression and traffic from it

if you use yoast seo plugin that you can see this option which can be easily applicable to your website.

yoast seo schema markup applying

however if your website is made through webflow. you may need to contact your seo agency or professional seo for consultation



Generating backlinks are good as long they are no toxic backlinks creating an toxic backlinks are very dangerous for your website. they lead your website to the top of the serp in google.

without backlinks you product pages will stay between 60 to 90 position on SERP. If you apply good amount’s of backlinks daily for your product’s pages you can be on top of the SERP as long as you maintain the backlinks number just make sure not to over flood them.

which kind of backlinks are good for Ecommerce Seo services ?

These are the types of Backlinks that are good for ecommerce seo which include’s

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Image Submission’s
  3. Blog Commenting
  4. Web Directory
  5. Social Bookmarking

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