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Why Choose REPMS For Your Real Estate Broker Software ?

Real estate broker software

How to manage your Real Estate Broker software through REPMS ?


In 2023, managing a real estate agency is a no joke, you have to manage all your clients property whether they are selling, purchasing or putting their property on rent. In this era your real estate agency broker’s are always seem to steal your clients and dealing them privately not letting the company know, taking the whole commission of the property their client sell, purchased or even rent. and here comes our REPMS software bringing real estate broker software.

That’s why we makson innovations have developed a software called REPMS which is an real estate property management software that includes the real estate broker software that help’s you manage your real estate agencies without the tension of your real estate brokers stealing your company commission by dealing them privately.

Real Estate Broker Software


In REPMS, we can assure you can manage your entirely real estate agency without any hesitation, and we have kept many features in this software that will shock you and make you manage your real estate broker software without any ease.

Come with me and let’s see the Feature’s of REPMS that’s offering also Real Estate broker software

Broker Reports :


You can now see your broker’s reports without any hesitation whether you are seeing it on mobile, laptop, tablet, or even on computers,This will also let you know the performance of the company and if your broker are honest or not. This is a main factor in this field of real estate agencies. even if the broker has steal or privately dealing your company client you will have all the records in REPMS, and you can directly called the owner or the client to ask the feedback of your client about your broker how he dealt them.

Client Visit :


If a Client came into your real estate agency and you want to show him some of the properties you have aligned using the REPMS, you have told your broker go with that client and visit them some properties.

by using this software for real estate broker software, you can keep every inch of your broker track into this client visit reports,after the broker have visited the properties with their client.

Now the Broker can now add the client feedback about the property they just visited, this Software will let the owner or manager of the real estate agency that this was the client’s feedback along with how much they offered for the property they visited.


Clients Stealing


If you have suspicion of your broker stealing your client’s you can definitely catch him by using this software, this is the real estate broker software that will scare the brokers, how is that ? Come with me, For example you have a client that came into your real estate agency that wants to rent his property , UK , US , PAK ,

wherever our software is worldwide distributed, and you have add his property into REPMS software you have taken every inch of details from your client like phone no, address, even his identity card that’s optional and now you have gone to the property assign menu and you have assign this property to one of your broker,

now the broker will have every inch of details about the property. whenever a broker has visited their property along with another clients that want a property on rent, the broker will give their feedback into client feedback menu and the manager or the owner will see the directly what the client said about the property feedback and what they are offering

In this case the broker is so organised the broker now cannot even think of stealing your client, this will lead to you as soon as possible

Owner Asking about The Broker’s Through Client Feedback on Real Estate Broker Software


If you are a manager of your real estate agency, you can now directly called the client and ask about the feed back about your broker of how they dealt with you, if he was professional and if the was drop, then you can ask the client about the reason and how you can improve your real estate agency or your broker through this Real estate broker software.

Purchase our REPMS Software


If you are looking to purchase our REPMS software to manage your real estate broker software that will help you without any hesitation with managing your real estate agency. You can buy our product now by clicking at this link REPMS. we are offering our REPMS software at 1 month subscription, 3 month subscription and 6 months subscription. if you have any problems related to having questions or want to have an discount come talk with us on our chatbot we can help you out and manage your real estate agency with our best real estate property management software.

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